Rent a Boat Ibiza

Looking to hire a boat on Ibiza? Explore the beauty of Ibiza and Formentera from the water in a day on a sailboat! During your stay on Ibiza, make sure you don’t miss out on a boat trip.

We’ll take you on an unforgettable day out on the water. Together with friends or family you will enjoy the fine views, feel the wind in your hair, take a dip, relax on board, maybe have a drink… can it get any better? A sailing trip is suitable for all ages.

Sailing Tours

Enjoy a spectacular sunset with Norbert on a classic sailboat while cruising along the west coast of Ibiza. Or sail with skipper Gonzalo to the white sanded beaches of Formentera.

The sailboat will be sailed by the owner himself so he can personally ensure that the trip will become the highlight of your holiday. Because nothing beats hoisting the sails and being carried by the wind!

Read more about our sailing tours on Ibiza here.

You can find Once Upon a Boat now also on Mallorca.

Once Upon a Boat

  • Skippers sailing their own boat
  • West coast Ibiza or Formentera
  • Now also on Mallorca
  • Reliable and personal service
  • Happy crew!
Sailing Ibiza
Sailing Yacht Ibiza
Rent a boat Ibiza

What other people say about us:

“The sailboat rental was the highlight of my long weekend in Ibiza. The skipper was very friendly and accommodating. The boat is relaxing and comfortable. Getting to jump in the sea and go swimming was amazing. Definitely something I would recommend and do again.”

(Paul, UK)

A lovely, lovely day. Because who wants to speed when you can sail gently and enjoy the beauty of this lovely sailboat! It was a very personal and friendly experience. Beautiful!

(Maria, Australia)

“We had an amazing day with Once Upon a Boat, the crew so hospitable and laid back. We got everything we asked for on their beautiful sailboat for a very unlike Ibiza price.”

(Karjan, The Netherlands)

“Wow, what a blast we had with Ibiza’s own captain Jack Sparrow from Once Upon a Boat. Because who doesn’t want to be a pirate for one day! So thanks a lot Once Upon a Boat!”

(Rianne, The Netherlands)