About ‘Once Upon a Boat’

The idea for ‘Once Upon a Boat’ arose in the summer of 2014. A shared love for the sea, Ibiza and a sense of freedom made Hugo and me (Marlot) decide to live on a classic yacht.

The fact that we had only been together for three months and that I had never sailed before, did not spoil the fun. Sometimes life just asks you to take a leap of faith… Together we decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

And so we did… Under the name ‘Once Upon a Boat’ we started organizing sailing trips. Since then, I have not only learned how to sail, but there have also been many happy memories created on our tours. The sea gives us the ultimate feeling of freedom. For us, nothing beats the feeling of hoisting the sails and to let the wind carry you on the waves.

The ‘Once Upon a Boat’ family has now expanded with a few unique sailing boats in Ibiza and also on Mallorca. All our skippers sail their own ship, and they do personally ensure that everyone has an unforgettable day out at sea.

Once on board, there is time to enjoy the scenery, have a drink, catch some sun and enjoy the feeling of being at sea. We hope that everyone feels like home with us on the boat. With friends or family aboard, you get the chance to spend time with each other and be completely ‘off the radar’ for a day.

Always be yourselfunless you can be a pirateThen always be a pirate.”

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