How can I prevent seasickness?

Although the majority of our guests pass the day at sea without any problems, getting nausea on board can be annoying. Luckily, the chances of seasickness can be significantly reduced with the right preparations.

If you think you are sensitive to seasickness, we’d recommend to take some anti-nausea medicine, such as Biodramina (available at every pharmacy on the island). Note that the pill should be taken half an hour before getting on board. If you have any concern, please seek advice of a doctor or pharmacist.

Also, do not arrive to the boat with an empty stomach and make sure you have breakfast. Drink plenty, but preferably not too much coffee. It is best to limit the use of alcohol the day before the boat trip and to have a good sleep so you’ll be as fresh as possible. On board, we can tell you the best place to sit in order to avoid feeling ill. Furthermore, it is always possible to go ashore for a moment when in Formentera.